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Help Wanted!

Our Media and Communications Committee is looking for a Public Affairs Officer (PAO). Our post is the largest in Georgia and conducts several charitable events every year, but we are not getting the press coverage we deserve. PAO typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Maintaining communications with media outlets to promote Post 29’s mission, activities, and accomplishments.

  • Helping develop and implement public relations campaigns to build support for the Post’s mission or initiatives.

  • Coordinating with other committees within Post 29 to develop plans for events such as press conferences, community meetings, and fundraising events.

  • Conducting interviews with government officials and other experts on topics relevant to the American Legion mission.

  • Creating content and taking photographs for the Post’s website, social media accounts, and blog.

  • Coordinating with local media outlets to arrange interviews with key leaders.

If you have former military PAO experience or similar civilian experience, please consider joining our team to help spread the word about all the amazing work we do here at Post 29 for Veteran’s and our community. For more information, please contact Rick Squeri, Post 29 Sergeant-at-Arms and Webmaster:

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