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Code of Conduct and House Rules 


1.    The following shall be admitted to the Social Quarters:
       a.    Members in good standing of Horace Orr Post 29, Inc., showing a current membership card of The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, or The Sons of The American Legion; and their immediate family (spouse and/or children).
      b.    Members in good standing of any post of The American Legion showing a current membership card in The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, or The Sons of The American Legion. 
      c.    Two guests per Post 29 member are allowed and must be signed into the guest book. Additional guests are allowed with prior approval by the Post Commander or Junior Vice Commander.
     d.    Members are responsible for their guests and guests must leave when the sponsor leaves. 
2.    Certain Areas are posted as restricted to Post 29 Members Only. Guests may pass through these areas but may not linger.
3.    Children under 16, even members of Horace Orr Post 29, Inc., must be accompanied by an adult member. Children under 12 are not permitted in the lower level areas of the Post after 7PM. 
4.    This is a NON-SMOKING facility. Smoke only in designated exterior areas. No one under the age of 18 is allowed anywhere smoking is permitted, even if no smoking is currently taking place.
5.    Appropriate attire is expected.  Shoes, shirts, shorts or pants are required. Men’s shirts must have sleeves unless part of an official Legion uniform.
6.    All members are expected to help keep the Post clean and tidy. Outside food for personal consumption is allowed. Food brought for distribution to all must be approved by the bartender on duty.
7.    The bartender on duty or any Post Officer shall have full authority to enforce the House Rules and may remove any person for misconduct, violations of the House Rules, or due to safety concerns or crowding.  Any person asked to leave may appeal to the Executive Committee, if done in writing.
8.    No member shall reprimand an Officer or any employee of the American Legion.  Any suggestion or criticism of the Social Quarters or Legion operation shall be submitted to the Executive Committee in writing.
9.    The bartender on duty may refuse service to anyone for reasonable cause.
10.    Any member or their guests removing without permission, damaging, or destroying any property of the Post shall be reported to the Executive Committee. Damages will be assessed, and suspension will be considered.
11.    Cashing of checks is limited. See the bartender for details and approval. Credit card transactions will not be for “Cash” or “Cash Back”.  An ATM is located on the premises.
12.    No alcoholic drinks of any kind will be taken from the premises. No outside alcohol may be brought onto the premises.
13.    No alcoholic drinks will be served/given to anyone that appears to be intoxicated or under the age of 21.
14.    Animals will not be allowed in the Post. Certified Service Dogs, prescribed by a physician, shall be considered for exception. Documentation must be provided to the bartender on duty or a Legion Officer.
15.    Loud, profane, threatening language or actions “unbecoming” will not be tolerated.
16.    The Social Quarters hours and days of operation are published in the newsletter and the Post website. The Executive Committee via the Junior Vice Commander for Social Quarters may approve and announce changes to the days of operation. The Social Quarters Manager or bartender on duty may temporarily change the hours of operation based on circumstances.
17.    No firearms, knives, or weapons are permitted in the Post or on the property.
18.    Changes or exceptions to these rules must be approved by the Executive Committee.


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